Socks are Not Just Socks

Socks breed in my house. I find them everywhere. Crumpled up, scrunched up balls of worn and sad behind bathroom doors, under couches, in front of televisions. Socks, socks, Everywhere! Sometimes I pick them up unthinkingly and without notice. Sometimes I pick them up, left eye twitching, nostrils flared, fingers pinching and flared in my… Read More Socks are Not Just Socks


Love that Remains

At this time of year where the pressure to love and be loved is all around us, we have one of three choices. Embrace, ignore, or boycott. Valentines Day is a polarizing holiday. People either love the idea of celebrating love or hate the idea of expressing love being forced on them. “Why not celebrate… Read More Love that Remains


What Gets in Your Face?

Those surface issues of health, time spent, dependence on the material rather than God, all of these reflect things that are going on inside me at a deep and spiritual level.

And I try so hard. I want to be different. So I resolve and I read and I pray and I do alright and I think I have it all figured out and then…


My vision blurs and I fall off course. … Read More What Gets in Your Face?